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Renewable Energy Assurance

The aim of the REAL Insurance Scheme is to ensure that consumers wishing to install a small-scale heat or power generation unit for their homes have the necessary confidence and service standards so that they can make an informed choice.

Who are the REAL Members?

Our members are firms selling or leasing small-scale renewable or low carbon heat or power generation unit who have agreed to comply with the REAL Assurance Scheme Consumer Code. This Code is backed by the Office of Fair Trading as part of its self-regulation initiative, the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme.

The Consumer Code, the Consumer Guidelines and the other guidance documents on the website are designed to help customers get advice on generation solutions without being subjected to negative marketing/sales tactics, and to ensure high standards of service before, during and after a contract is agreed.

What is a small-scale heat or power generation unit? Small-scale heat or power generation units are small-scale devices which enable you to generate your own heat or power from renewable, low carbon sources.

For example, these can include photovoltaic solar panels, small-scale, wind and hydro powered generating units, ground or air source heat pumps or solar water heating panels.

These units have the potential to reduce your energy bills, reduce the impact that you have on the environment, and maybe even give you the ability to sell your electricity back to the grid. They also help reduce your dependence on large power plants located many miles from your home.

Useful Information for consumers
It is important that consumers have full information about the upfront costs, the running costs and the expected performance before they agree to buy or lease a small-scale heat or power generating unit. REAL Assurance Scheme members have agreed to provide this to consumers in an easily understood format. Our Guidance for Consumers section has some useful information for anyone thinking about buying a generating unit for their homes, community building or small business.

About the Consumer Code
The Consumer Code links closely to the Micro-generation Certification Scheme installer and the product certification scheme. Both of these are run by the Licensee, Gemserv, on behalf of Government. Any member of the REAL Assurance Scheme, including all those working on their behalf, are expected to comply with these schemes, or if they sub-contract the work, to ensure that those who carry out the work on their behalf comply with these schemes.

REAL Consumer Code. The REAL logo is a symbol of professional excellence.
MAK Energy are members of the Renewable Energy Assurance Scheme (REAL) Further details of the REAL Assurance Scheme can be found on the REAL website.