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Company Accreditations

MAK Energy is 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Established in 2007, we are passionate about what we do, and we do not outsource; as such, all of our engineers are in-house, so you always know that you will be dealing with us and only us. Please find below our main industry accreditations.

Micro Certification Scheme

To be able to claim government Feed-In Tariffs or RHI your system must be installed by an accredited organisation. The MCS certification is an independent scheme designed to certify micro-generation products and installers in accordance with consistent standards. The scheme was launched by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. The primary aim of the MCS is to provide consumers with confidence in this energy supply option by guaranteeing that micro-generation products and installers who carry the mark meet, and will continue to meet robust quality standards. The MCS mark guarantees that MAK Energy follow a code of practise that meets the guidelines set bf the Office of Fair Trading.

REAL Assurance Scheme

The REAL Assurance Scheme was set up by the Renewable Energy Association. Their aim is to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes. The REAL Assurance Scheme is a sign that MAK Energy has agreed to bide by the high standards set out in their consumer code.

Read the REAL Consumer Code

BS ISO 9001 Quality

BSI 9001 was setup to ensure that companies meet stringent Quality Guidelines for all work that they do, regardless or size and complexity. While MCS and REAL specifically relate to renewable energy products, BSI relates to all products and management services in general. The fact that we are accredited in this area is an added assurance to you, that MAK Energy will always remain dedicated to meeting the requirements set out by the standard, so that you get the best possible product installation and maintenance, every time.

IWA Insurance Scheme

The Independent Warranty Assurance scheme is designed to ensure that consumers get the warranty that is advertised for their product. This means, that all maintenance, servicing and repair requirements will be honoured by us. This is a sure sign that MAK Energy is dedicated to customer satisfaction. With IWA Certification, we assure a 10-year guarantee in Solar Energy, Windows, Roof and Wall Insulation, and many others.